Let’s cut right to the chase..

The results you’re currently getting in your business are exactly what it’s designed to produce.

The size, growth and state of your business is a cumulative result of all the decisions you’ve taken in the business.

If you want your business to generate more money in less time, with less effort, grow faster, and be an absolute delight to run you have to make better decisions.

Better decisions = more profit

Better decisions = a business that grows exponentially

Better decisions = a business that is a joy to run and stress free

So how do you improve your decision making?

Well you have to first understand what determines the quality of your decisions.

Your business is a direct reflection of your psychology

Your psychology is the combination of your subconscious programming, conscious beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and your character and personality traits.

Your programming drives your beliefs, which in turn gives rise to certain thoughts and feelings, which lead to the decisions you make, and those decisions determine your results.

I call this the Business Performance Hierarchy:  

The more aligned your psychology is to your business goals, the easier it will be to take the exact decisions that will produce the outcome you want..

Without this alignment you’ll have a hard time doing the things you need to, at the appropriate level of excellence, focus and consistency, that will lead to massive growth. 
The bigger the misalignment, the greater the inefficiency, and the more time, energy and effort that will be required to produce diminishing returns. 
(Efficiency is the degree you can produce the desired outputs in a system without wasting inputs into the system.)

The biggest constraint in any business is always the founder's psychology

You can’t build a 7 figure business with a 6 figure psychology…

…or an 8 figure business with a 7 figure psychology.

All business challenges are the result of the founder’s psychology not being aligned with the goals and needs of the business.

Inconsistent leads, sales, and other marketing problems..

Cash flow and financial issues..

Revenue roller coasters or plateaus..

Team performance and leadership challenges..

Operational chaos..

(All external issues in the business are a direct reflection of your psychology, and you can’t solve an internal problem with an external solution)

If you want to hit escape velocity in your business you have to make decisions that allow you to get what you want in the most effective way possible – this is going to require an upgrade to your mental operating system.

If others with similar skills, experience, strategies, business models and competition are getting better results than you…

If you know what the top 1% in your industry are doing, which if replicated in your business would make growth a mathematical certainty for you, but something is holding you back from doing so…

It could be:

Hiring and managing a sales team..

Creating joint venture partnerships..

Hiring more leaders who are preloaded with solutions and actually better than you at those functions..

Delegating more so you are no longer neck deep in the core functions of the business..

Putting yourself out more as the face of the business, and creating a bigger brand and audience with an organic content machine..

..or if you got here doing organic, adding ads on top or even creating a cold outbound engine.

All of these things you know you need to be doing, but you’re not doing those things, and you’re telling yourself that you don’t have enough time, energy, or resources..

You’re taking a lot of action but your outcomes don’t match your level of effort..

You have a team but not leveraging them effectively..

You’ve hit a revenue ceiling you can’t break past, or your revenue feels like a rollercoaster and there is no predictability or consistency..


Your psychology is not optimized for the achievement of your business goals

When this is at play, you work harder than ever but the growth doesn’t reflect what you’re putting in.

It’s like having a kink in the hose.

You can pump more water in, but unless you remove the kink, only a small amount is going to flow out.

This lack of optimization creates the gap between strategy and execution.

Between your level of skill and the outcomes you’re able to generate with it..

Between your efforts and results..

You end up with inputs > outputs.

The bigger the gap between your inputs (efforts, hours worked, skill) and your outputs (revenue, profit, value delivered, impact created, brand equity & influence,) the greater the gap between your current psychology and what it actually needs to be to achieve your goals.

You cannot close this gap by increasing inputs into the system

Doing so only widens the gap.

This is what you’ve likely been doing in an attempt to create growth – working more hours, spending more on marketing, hiring agencies, implementing new strategies and tactics..

(In a world of infinite information, your problem is not the lack of the perfect strategy, but the ability to efficiently and consistently execute on what you know with singular compounding focus over a long enough time horizon.)

To make a quantum leap you can't do more of what you’re already doing - you have to dramatically shift how you think, feel and act

Increasing inputs without addressing the psychology that is suboptimally translating it into outputs causes you to widen the gap between what you’re putting in and what you’re getting out.

You go from:

Inputs > Outputs to Inputs >>>>>>>> Outputs.

It’s like stepping on the gas pedal while holding the brake down.

Most entrepreneurs obsess over the wrong question: “what do I need to add to my business to make it grow?”

Turns out the better question to ask is “what do i need to take away that is creating drag?”

(Whether that’s a belief or sabotage pattern that’s keeping you from operating with maximum leverage, or inefficiency in how the business is architected.)

Releasing the 'brake' will have a bigger impact on your business than 'stepping on the gas'

If your psychology was perfectly optimized for your business, you would make perfect decisions, hire and leverage the perfect people, design the business to be perfectly scalable, and flawlessly execute on all information, skills and strategies you already possess.

While perfection is rarely achievable when dealing with human psychological systems, with a few tweaks to how you think and how your business is designed, we can not only massively close the gap, but invert the asymmetry.

As a result, you go from:

Inputs >>>>>> Output to Inputs <<<<<<< Output.

Your business grows exponentially with incrementally less effort, energy and time required from you.

We’ve now proven this with 250+ entrepreneurs in dozens of industries and business models, and distilled this process into a science.

As a result, on average, our clients grow 4x in 12 months while working 8.6 hours less a week.

Your psychology is your single biggest leverage point in your business

..and we’ve created the world’s first psychological optimization system that turns founders into high performing business athletes, and their businesses into maximally efficient exponential growth machines.

It’s not for the faint of heart.

If you’re satisfied with your results, this is not for you.

If you’re unwilling to change how you think, this is not for you.

If you want to stay cozy in your comfort zone, this is not for you.

We’ve found that most people are allergic to taking radical responsibility for every aspect of their being, especially seeing the parts of their psychological system that are subconsciously sabotaging them from achieving the level of success they want.

(You are always complicit in creating the exact circumstances that you say you don’t want.)

But for those who are burning with ambition, who are downright pissed off by the gap between their performance and potential..

..who want to leave a dent in the universe while creating generational wealth, without compromising on their values or what matters most to them..

Here are the cheat codes to extraordinary growth:

Your current beliefs, patterns, identity, thoughts and decision making are keeping you from the next level of success

To get to where you’ve never been before you will have to become someone you’ve never been before..

..the version of yourself who is capable of running the business 10x more successful than its current form.

You will have to redesign the business to be less reliant on you, and ruthlessly hack away at the unessential to simplify any complexity and make the business more scalable.

(trying to scale complexity leads to pain, and the founder unconsciously sabotaging the business.)

You will need to learn to hire, fire and lead top performers.

(not having the right people in the right roles, not leveraging the team effectively and not trusting your team to deliver, will keep the business stuck no matter how hard you push them)

You will need to massively increase leverage, exit your roles and delegate effectively.

(if you don’t you will stay in the weeds with $10 or $100 tasks, that other people can do, while ignoring the exponential needle moving moves that will make massive growth a mathematical certainty – that only you can do)

Being addicted to the dopamine hit of completing lower level linear tasks, and staying busy working in the business, is the leading cause of business stagnation.

The greater the potential ROI of a task, the more emotional discomfort it will require you to hold.

You can spend those two hours working on a support ticket or a TED talk..

(the level of success you will experience is directly proportional to how much discomfort you are willing to tolerate.)

Continuous business growth requires consistently aligning your psychology to be in congruence with the outcomes you want.

(your current business is a mirror for your current psychological identity – the beliefs, thoughts, mental states, decision making, habits – and the results you currently have in your business is what your psychology is currently optimized to create.)

You also need to dramatically increase self care and your self worth in direct proportion to your ambition.

(the bigger the goal, the more self care is required to achieve it)

And of course you need to have what I call a rock solid internal management system, to be able to offset the increase in responsibility, transactions and pressure, with organization, habits, routines and process.

(if you are already under a lot of pressure, overwhelmed and stressed at the current level, your mind will not let you grow because you don’t have the capacity to handle more chaos)

This leads entrepreneurs to unconsciously sabotage growth, even though they are consciously doing everything to grow their business.

There is no book, course or youtube video that will help you do this because one size fits all models don’t work.

You have to solve for your unique blindspots and patterns.

You don’t need more information or the perfect strategy, you need the psychological optimization to maximize implementation of what you already know.


the Scale with Psychology Accelerator

Get ready to set an audacious goal, then reverse engineer the ideal design of your business and for your psychology – whom you must become to achieve it.

Then we create a custom 12 month scaling plan to maximize your leverage in the business and focus you on the prime movers that will generate exponential growth.

We eliminate the unconscious sabotage and show you what is in your blindspot to massively increase your self awareness.

We lovingly push you harder than you’ve ever been pushed, so you can step into the ultimate version of yourself.

We believe in you more than anyone ever has in your life and hold a much bigger context for you than you dare.

We are your trusted advisors helping you navigate high stakes situations and make high impact decisions.

We install the exact psychology for exponential decision making in your mind, that is responsible for over $1 billion in additional revenue generated for our clients, that you can leverage for the rest of your entrepreneurial career.

And to be honest, growing your business to levels you didn’t think possible will be the least profound result you will experience.

The relationship you will develop with yourself will be worth a trillion dollars.

The confidence and self belief that will radiate out of you will dwarf any financial gain.

How you grow as a leader will change every single aspect of your life.

Money is easy..

The more you make, the less it will motivate you.

Your growth and evolution is the real infinite journey.

The real purpose of any goal is to become the person who can achieve it.

The real game is about actualizing as much of your potential as much as humanly possible, while having a lot of fun and making a massive impact.

The Scale With Psychology Accelerator is for you if:

You want to accelerate your growth to 7 & 8 figures while building a business you are head over heels in love with.

…so you can enjoy the work you’re doing

…a business with leverage, so you can get back time freedom, and

…a business that’s lucrative, so you can smash through revenue ceilings

Our goal is to help you build a business you love showing up for, not one that you’re unconsciously trying to escape from or burn down.

This is the exact way we serve entrepreneurs in the Scale with Psychology Accelerator and we would love to support you in transforming yourself into the leader the next level of your business needs you to be to scale exponentially.





across dozens of industries



growth average over 12 months


hours per week

saved on average for the Founder


additional Revenue

generated for clients

About Your Guide

Ani manian

Founder, Scale with Psychology

Ani Manian, widely known as the ‘Mind Whisperer’ is an Executive Coach, Psychedelic Therapist, and the founder of Scale with Psychology where he helps driven entrepreneurs scale their business exponentially by optimizing their psychology.

He believes that entrepreneurship is a mental game, and the main constraint in any business is not the strategies and tactics but the psychology of the founder.

When your psychology isn’t aligned with your goals it feels like you’re pushing a boulder uphill – struggling to get out of your own way and really achieve what you know you’re capable of.

At each stage of your business, not only do you need to up level your thinking, belief systems, character traits, decision making, leadership ability and skills, but you have to let go of your current identity, patterns, habits that just aren’t compatible with the next level of your business.

This is hard to navigate without an expert who can see your blindspots and a system that reliably accelerates the process.

The Scale with Psychology exponential growth framework has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs rapidly upgrade themselves and shatter their revenue ceiling and scale their business, while working less and having more fun.

Client Testimonials


Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard Media

“Working with Ani has been absolutely awesome. Scaling from 7 figs to 8 figs and then to 9, has nothing to do with tactics, funnels, or hiring – it’s a completely different game. And that really comes down to your invisible subconscious programs, your internal beliefs about yourself, your business or team, and it really becomes an internal game. So you have to have help from someone like Ani who can show you your patterns, show your stories, and then help you rewire them, which is exactly what we’ve been doing and it has been an absolutely phenomenal experience. So if you’re thinking about working with Ani, I would highly, highly recommend him. You will make your investment back 10 to 100x very, very easily. It’s been an incredible experience for me.”

Mark Tosoni

Solar Bear

“In the first 90 days of working with Ani, we’ve exponentially grown our revenue to $921k a month. Since we’ve been coaching I’ve also acquired 28 real estate units as investment properties and I also have two other huge 7 fig deals on the table. Working with Ani has been instrumental in allowing me to reveal the subconscious programs that were keeping me stuck and massively increasing the amount of leverage I operate from. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to scale, this will be the most important investment you’ll make in your business.”

Alex Berg


“Working with Ani has been a fantastic experience. We were able to scale to hit our first million dollar month, and shortly after our first million dollar week. I’m most proud of the change in my leadership style: I’m truly empowering my team to do more, allowing me to work less in the business which frees up my time to do other things. This is probably my biggest win of all because while we had a very successful year financially, I feel like I spent more time with my family this year than any year in the past. have freed up so much mental bandwidth so I can now operate at maximum efficiency. I’m much more present in everything that I am doing, and  also taking more time to focus on myself.”



Scale To 7 & 8 Figures By Optimizing Your Psychology

Get the exact playbook we’ve used to scale 250+ businesses exponentially that you need to shatter your revenue ceiling & scale your businesses to the next level. We reveal the little known psychological mechanism that is the real cause of slow growth, revenue plateaus & income rollercoasters, and the 7 invisible ceilings that limit the potential of your business, regardless of how much you work or spend on marketing & sales.