If you: 

..Have already created a certain level of success but you know you're capable of a lot more, and you want to unlock the next level of growth.. 

(note that you should be making a minimum of $250k/year to be eligible for the Accelerator)

..Know that getting there will require you to be optimized and dialed on a whole another level. 

..and you know that you are not operating at your peak - there is a gap between your potential and your performance that you cannot live with. 

..Desire to uncover what's in your blindspot, sabotage mechanisms and invisible patterns that might be holding you back and creating inefficiencies.

..Know you have to up level your leadership, focus, and decision you manage yourself and others, and stay on track without getting distracted by shiny objects or changing direction or strategies..

..Know you have to get better at handling stress and how organized you are, how well you can create structure for yourself and your team, how consistent you are even when things get a little crazy and your relationship with time. 

..Know you have to upgrade your beliefs, character traits, improve your emotional regulation skills to stay centered in chaos, uncertainty, fear, doubt, better leadership abilities to hire, manage and coach a team effectively for high performance.

..Know you are literally going where you’ve never gone before, and to get there, you have to become someone you’ve never been before. 

..Understand that if you don't level up as a leader, you'll become the biggest obstacle to the company's growth and you want to really coach your team to deliver the highest level of performance. 

..Value investing in support to fast track your success, skipping the trial and error and avoiding spending years trying to figure it out yourself.

This is the exact way we serve entrepreneurs in the Scale with Psychology Accelerator and we would love to support you in transforming yourself into the leader the next level of your business needs you to be, to scale exponentially. 

If you've created a business that you're really proud of, and you want to take that to the next level, by taking yourself to the next level…

If you know you’re capable of more and you want to unlock that untapped potential…

Then I want to invite you to book a call to explore working with us to upgrade you at every level - beliefs, self worth, focus, internal management system….and optimize every aspect of your psychology to be congruent with your goals while architecting your business to be more scalable. 

For a limited time we are offering a complimentary scaling consultation to help you diagnose the exact blocks are currently keeping you from growing faster and help you create a plan to break through them. 

So here’s how we are going to help you:

- Identify the most efficient business design to 3-10x your business in 12-24 months

- Identify whom you must become to be able to build that business in terms of your beliefs, character traits, leadership, and psychological identity - and literally become that person

- Identify the exact high leverage activities that will get you there as fast and as efficiently as possible, with the maximum asymmetric upside

- Identify and resolve the exact blocks that are keeping you from doing those things and doing other  things that are counterproductive

- Keep you focused on the exact levers that will move the needle the most in your business and make the achievement of your goals a mathematical certainty

- Free up time and energy from your week, offload as much stuff as possible by eliminating, automating and delegating 

- Make the shifts needed to leverage your team better so the business is less reliant on you - so you can do less and have the business produce way more

- Build in time and space for reflection, fun, exercise, and actually enjoying time away from your business

The Scale with Psychology accelerator is an intimate place to talk about all the stuff you need to scale yourself and your business exponentially:

- Help with hiring, firing, managing and coaching employees for peak performance 

- Leading yourself, habits, focus, self accountability, integrity, and becoming a better leader for your team, clients and industry

- Expanding your capacity for goodness and much greater amounts of money 

- Really developing yourself as an asset - optimizing your mind and body for peak performance and becoming an elite business athlete, getting dialed in with sleep, hormones, movement, nutrition

- A place to talk about and refine your vision, big picture strategy, talk through big moves before you make them like raising money, negotiating partnerships 

- Create an incredible million dollar relationship with yourself, more kindness, compassion, self belief and self trust

- Get called out lovingly on your mechanisms, deviation from your goal when you go off track in favor of shiny objects or be supported when something doesn't go your way 

- A place to be vulnerable and develop crazy levels of self awareness and having what's in your blindspot be reflected back to you, a place where you hear what you need to hear, not what you want to hear 

- Uplevel the quality of your thinking. The higher level your thinking, the higher quality decisions you'll make, and exponential decisions lead to exponential results. 

- Be pushed to the upper limit of your potential, by someone who believes in you unconditionally who is always holding a much larger context for you than you dare to 

- Develop into the ultimate version of yourself - and raise the floor on every aspect of your life, relationships, and health

Our mission at Scale With Psychology is to help accelerate your growth to 7 & 8 figures while building a business you are head over heels in love with you can maximize your potential, performance and profit you can enjoy the work you’re doing

…build a business with leverage, so you can get back time freedom, and..

…a business that’s lucrative, so you can smash through revenue ceilings

Our goal is to help you build a business you love showing up for, not one that you’re unconsciously trying to escape from or burn down. 

Entrepreneurs across dozens of industries
4x Revenue Growth
Average over 12 months
8.6 hrs/week saved 
On average for the Founder
$1B+ additional 
Revenue generated for clients



Founder, Scale with Psychology


Ani Manian, widely known as the 'Mind Whisperer' is an Executive Coach, Psychedelic Therapist, and the founder of Scale with Psychology where he helps driven entrepreneurs scale their business exponentially by optimizing their psychology.

He believes that entrepreneurship is a mental game, and the main constraint in any business is not the strategies and tactics but the psychology of the founder. 

When your psychology isn't aligned with your goals it feels like you're pushing a boulder uphill - struggling to get out of your own way and really achieve what you know you're capable of. 

At each stage of your business, not only do you need to up level your thinking, belief systems, character traits, decision making, leadership ability and skills, but you have to let go of your current identity, patterns, habits that just aren’t compatible with the next level of your business. 

This is hard to navigate without an expert who can see your blindspots and a system that reliably accelerates the process.  

The Scale with Psychology exponential growth framework has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs rapidly upgrade themselves and shatter their revenue ceiling and scale their business, while working less and having more fun. 
"Working with Ani has been absolutely awesome. Scaling from 7 figs to 8 figs and then to 9, has nothing to do with tactics, funnels, or hiring. But to get to 8 & 9 figs it’s a completely different game. And that really comes down to your invisible subconscious programs, your internal beliefs about yourself, your business or team, and it really becomes an internal game. So you have to have help from someone like Ani who can show you your patterns, show your stories, and then help you rewire them, which is exactly what we’ve been doing and it has been an absolutely phenomenal experience. So if you’re thinking about working with Ani, I would highly, highly recommend him. You will make your investment back 10 to 100x very, very easily. It’s been an incredible experience for me."
Mike Dillard
Mike Dillard Media
"In the first 90 days of working with Ani, we’ve exponentially grown our revenue to $921k a month. Since we’ve been coaching I’ve also acquired 28 real estate units as investment properties and I also have two other huge 7 fig deals on the table. Working with Ani has been instrumental in allowing me to reveal the subconscious programs that were keeping me stuck and massively increasing the amount of leverage I operate from. If you're an entrepreneur looking to scale, this will be the most important investment you'll make in your business."
Mark Tosoni
Solar Bear
"Working with Ani has been a fantastic experience. We were able to scale to hit our first million dollar month, and shortly after our first million dollar week. I'm most proud of the change in my leadership style: I'm truly empowering my team to do more, allowing me to work less in the business which frees up my time to do other things. This is probably my biggest win of all because while we had a very successful year financially, I feel like I spent more time withe my family this year than any year in the past. have freed up so much mental bandwidth so I can now operate at maximum efficiency. I'm much more present in everything that I am doing, and  also taking more time to focus on myself. 
Alex Berg
Scale To 7 & 8 Figures  By Optimizing Your Psychology 

Get the exact playbook we've used to scale 250+ businesses exponentially that you need to shatter your revenue ceiling & scale your businesses to the next level. We reveal the little known psychological mechanism that is the real cause of slow growth, revenue plateaus & income rollercoasters, and the 7 invisible ceilings that limit the potential of your business, regardless of how much you work or spend on marketing & sales. 
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