Aligning with the energy of money

This is a special episode because it’s a transmission I did on an instagram live all about money. I wanted to talk about this because it’s something I see come up for people no matter how successful they are. It doesn’t matter if you have a 1 or 100 million dollar net worth, you may still be struggling with your mindset around money. 

What is your relationship with money like? Is the topic of money difficult for you or is it fun? In this episode I talk about how money responds to our energy. You’ll learn how the way you interact with money can actually impact other areas of your life. The things you’ll takeaway from this episode can help make your life more abundant overall. 

If you’re interested in shifting your beliefs around money and creating more ease and abundance in your life, this episode is going to show you where that change can start. 

What you’ll get from this episode: 

  • Deconstructing your own beliefs around money to understand where you may be shutting out abundance
  • How our collective state of scarcity isn’t ours and how it’s creating a state of lack 
  • Why it’s important to spend money the way you want to make money – from a state of relaxed confidence
  • How the energy you’re putting out and how you interact with money is actually keeping you from having more
  • Shifting your beliefs around money that have been blocking you & creating a safe space for abundance to flow 
  • How entrepreneurship is the hardest personal growth experiences you can have
  • How you can rewrite old stories and learn to ENJOY money

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