How to Never Give Up W/ Dr. Debbie Vaughn

In this episode, I interview one of my good friends, Dr. Debbie Vaughn. Join us as she shares inspiring stories of her grandmother who survived the holocaust, who demonstrates the kind of inner strength, courage and never-give-up spirit we can all aspire to. Debbie is also a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and provides us with great ways you can be more healthy and implement a strong self love practice today. 

A little more about Dr. Vaughn. She has been a healer her whole life and even tried to enroll in a masters program in medicine before she had finished high school. She has worked with Americorp and coached many women through labor. She teaches lectures in Spanish and has a Masters and Doctorate in Integrative Medicine. 

Episode highlights:

  • What it’s like to get into flow with your work
  • Her grandparents story being in a concentration camp
  • Living without fear
  • Growing up with a powerful woman for a grandmother
  • Working with Americorp 
  • Helping immigrant women give birth
  • How giving birth can be powerful
  • The hypnotic state of giving birth
  • Birth is about surrender
  • How surrender can decrease pain (mental/physical)
  • Re-framing stressors and fears
  • Practices to decrease stress and mental suffering
  • Defining goals and creating change
  • An alternative approach to medicine
  • Practicing self love in a busy life
  • Boredom is a luxury not a curse

Her website:

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