Leading through uncertainty

As a leader, do you put up a facade that makes it look like you have all the answers when in reality, you aren’t sure what to do? Do you feel like you’re living a double life, here on the outside you’re put together and “perfect” but on the inside, you’re afraid and uncertain? Do you have more questions than answers? More doubts than certainties? This episode will put into perspective what’s actually important for you to be the best leader you can be. 

In this episode, I talk about the disconnect between what you show on the outside and what you are experiencing on the inside. This disconnect can suck away your energy and keep you from being the best leader and person you can be. What if you didn’t need to present an unshakeable front? What if, instead, you could share your internal experience without fear of being judged. You don’t need to be a “perfect leader” to lead. 

If you find yourself presenting to others what you think they need, but are actually anxious and uncertain, this episode is for you. This episode I show you how you can be a better leader, one with more integrity and more confidence. You’ll be more in touch with yourself and with the people you’re interacting with. 

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