Moving through and releasing difficult emotions: Live Coaching session

Do regularly struggle with feelings of anxiety or overwhelm? Do you have a hard time feeling relaxed, calm and safe in your own body? Maybe you struggle with uncertainty and have a fear of the unknown that limits you. If any of these sound like you, this live coaching session will help you find a new sense of peace, clarity and flow in your life.

In this episode, I coach someone through anxiety and the problems that come with it – like using food to self soothe and fear. I show her how to release these emotions and how to access the love and peace that can be found within all of us. 

If you struggle with anxiety of any kind and are aware of the effect it has on your life, this live coaching session will help you release it. Especially if you notice your anxiety holding you back from completing your goals, this episode will be really key. I’ll show you through this session how you can move through fear and other difficult emotions and access inner peace now.

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