My breakup letter to caffeine

Are you dependent on caffeine or other coping mechanisms that you rely on to constantly change how you feel?? Is revving your body and mind up a part of your daily routine? If you feel you’re not enough as you are or need to give yourself a boost of any kind, this episode will encourage you to think about why you’re trying to change your state. 

In this episode I talk about what giving up caffeine means to me and it’s deeper than just a morning jolt. For me, consuming caffeine as an unconscious habit meant I was always trying to change how I feel. It’s not bad to change your state but what is it actually doing to your thought process and your experience of reality? 

If you find yourself always trying to change your state, to wake yourself up or work harder, this episode is for you. This episode will show you how constantly resisting what is actually present in our experience is damaging and causing more mental suffering.

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