The two keys to an exceptional life: Livestream recording

Do you find yourself holding back from expressing your needs, boundaries, and truths? Would being able to express who you are authentically help you feel more free and live more fully?

In this episode I’ll show you the two keys you must master to really take your life to the next level. You’ll learn how expressing yourself in an authentic way is a gateway to freedom, and how to be compassionate with yourself. I show you the ways you might be trying to escape your experience through coping mechanisms and how to become present and at rest in your being through a specific practice you can do daily. 

If you often feel the need to disengage or press the eject button on reality, this episode will help. Through the one simple thing, I show you in this episode, you can be more present in your life and more present with yourself. I’ll show you how to tune into your experience in a way where peace and wellbeing becomes your new normal. 

Add me on Instagram at Ani.Manian so you can tune in live for these transmissions and get your questions answered. 

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