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Owner – SolarBear, Real Estate Investor & Author

“In the first 90 days of working with Ani, we’ve exponentially grown our revenue to $921k a month. Since we’ve been coaching I’ve also acquired 28 real estate units as investment properties and I also have two other huge 7 fig deals on the table. Working with Ani has been instrumental in allowing me to reveal the subconscious programs that were keeping me stuck and massively increasing the amount of leverage I operate from. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to scale, this will be the most important investment you’ll make in your business.”

Mike Dillard

CEO, Mike Dillard Media

“Working with Ani has been absolutely awesome. What I’ve realized in the process is that scaling from 7 figs to 8 figs and then to 9, has nothing to do with tactics, funnels, or hiring. That’s gonna get you to 7, maybe multiple 7 figs. But to get to 8 figs, and to sustain that and to eventually get to the 9 figs level. It’s a completely different game. And that really comes down to your invisible subconscious programs, your internal beliefs about yourself, your business or team, and it really becomes an internal game. So you have to have help from someone like Ani who can show you your patterns, show your stories, and then help you rewire them, which is exactly what we’ve been doing and it has been an absolutely phenomenal experience. So if you’re thinking about working with Ani, I would highly, highly recommend him. You will make your investment back 10 to 100x very, very easily. It’s been an incredible experience for me.”

Sophie Quist

CEO, SHE Talks Health, FDNP

“I have 15 X’d my prices. I am calmer & happier. My business is thriving. My relationships are thriving. I don’t work myself into the ground, into exhaustion to succeed. It is the single best investment I have ever made in my life and in my business.”

Alan Pinstein

CEO, Showcase IDX

“Ani has helped me grow fast enough to meet the challenges that show up in the business as it grows, allowing me to lead, communicate and negotiate more effectively & impactfully, leading to multiple successful multi million dollar exits. More productive, more trust and engagement with the team and significantly better outcomes. This will serve me for the next 20 years”

Kristin Thomas

CEO, Health & Wellness Business School

“My business is growing in ways that it has never grown before, while having more time for self care – that’s something that I truly didn’t think was possible. I’ve redefined deep thought patterns that created stress and overwhelm, and now use my mind to my advantage.”

Oxana Romanyuk

CEO, Remote Rockstars

“Working with Ani has been transformational for my life & business. He has helped me unleash my potential, elevate my role in the business, eliminate the stress, anxiety and pressure that used to be a given, and helped me feel so much more powerful as a leader. My business exploded as a result.”

Ahmad Munawar

CEO, Boutique Growth

“The obstacles I thought I was facing, were not the real obstacles, and there were different obstacles that I was not aware of deep in my blind spot. Ani helped me shed light on what those actual obstacles are, so that now I’m in a position to actually overcome them and make sure I’m fighting the right battles. And that’s incredibly valuable for somebody in my position.”

Alexa Eden

Fortune 500 Urban Wellness Consultant

“Ani really helped me recognize that how I was seeing myself was not at my fullest potential and find limiting beliefs that I wasn’t consciously aware of. Your ability to see who I am, to the depth that I am, and all of the potential that I want to bring forth into the world – I just really appreciate it. You’re something else!”

Eleina Mikhaylov

MD, TeleNeurology Pioneer

“Working with Ani has been incredible, it’s helped me put everything into perspective. I have realized a completely different reality – I’m happier, my relationships have transformed, I set boundaries. I now direct my thoughts and emotions towards things that serve me, fulfill me and make me happy. I’m forever grateful from the bottom of my heart.”

Alex Lessa

CEO, Lessa Enterprises

“I trust my decisions now, I’m able to break through what normally would stop me like a wall. My confidence has increased, my ability to make faster decisions, tackle new projects, handle more tasks, elevate my thinking, broaden my reach, be more secure in myself have all increased. It has been an invaluable experience.”