Are you codependent with your business?

Entrepreneurs often link their identity and emotional state to their business’s performance, creating a level of volatility that is extremely counterproductive to business goals.

This issue is rooted in childhood needs, which are then projected onto the business, leading to an unhealthy reliance on its success for personal validation. 

I break it all down in this 12 min coaching segment from the Scale With Psychology Accelerator and talk about the importance of achieving a healthy separation between ourselves and the business.

Ideas covered:

  • The Trap of Codependency in Business Success
  • The Illusion of Business Success and Personal Well-being
  • Childhood Roots of Codependency and the Journey to Independence
  • The Dangers of Business Codependency and the Path to Sovereignty
  • Achieving a Healthy Relationship with Your Business
  • The Personal Transformation Required for Business Evolution
  • Realizing the True Purpose Behind Your Business
  • Aligning Business Architecture with Personal Growth

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