Entropy – the invisible enemy of scaling

The one I consistently hear from entrepreneurs is their desire to feel more control in the business. 

It’s extremely vulnerable to feel like you lack a fundamental sense of agency in influencing outcomes.

But this lack of control is the not the problem.

It’s the symptom of a deeper problem. 

That deeper problem is unmitigated entropy. 

Entropy is a fact of life.

No system is immune to it. 

Not your business, life, mind, relationships, body…


Unmanaged, systems deteriorate into chaos.

And chaos is extremely hard to scale.

(Not to mention, energetically expensive)

Most entrepreneurs unintentionally build a high entropy business. 

It’s a recipe for constant overwhelm and underwhelming results. 

This clip is from a deeper conversation with a client who knows his business is capable of more.

By intentionally minimizing entropy, he will be able to scale further, faster, with significantly less stress and effort.  

This is one of the ways the Scale with Psychology Accelerator helps founders scale with their mind, not with their time. 

Covered in this 5 min clip:

  • Understanding your biggest enemy in life and business
  • Breaking through growth ceilings by creating order in chaos
  • The Urgent vs Important trap

Please share any insights this sparks 🙂

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