The 8 Figure Unlock: Using authenticity, alignment & play to unlock the business of your dreams w/ Virgil Brewster

Have you ever met someone who seems to have unlocked the secret to a joy-filled life? Virgil Brewster, my guest this week, might just be one of those rare individuals.


I connected with him when I was in Bali, and we had such a great conversation that I immediately knew I wanted to jam with him on the show so you can benefit from his crazy story of accidentally building a $10M a year business, and then literally burning it down to start over – by choice. 


In a world where authenticity in business can seem like a lost art, Virgil breaks down the surprising link between staying true to oneself and creating massive financial outcomes.


We talk about how a mindset of simplicity and prioritizing personal freedom can serve as the ultimate unlock to flourishing in every area of life and business.


Other topics we dive into:


– Radical Authenticity and Business Success

– Finding the Next Level of Success Through Self-Worth

– The Power of Self-Belief

– Exploring Divine Identity and Creative Potential

– The Counterintuitive Factors in Business: Fun and Alignment

– Entrepreneurship, Self-Discovery, and Burning it all down

– The Paradox of Change

– Emotions, Energy, in Entrepreneurship

– Packaging Knowledge Into Sellable Products


Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or in the early stages of business, or just curious about the intersection of personal fulfillment and professional success, you’ll find something profound in this episode.

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